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 the Greek Potter

Handmade Stoneware Pottery  since 1970 

David Chohlidakis  a full-time potter has been doing pottery for more than 50 year.s He stumbled into pottery during sophomore high school and received two scholarship in pottery. He studied pottery with a world class ceramicist/potter Marguerite Wildenhain at the  Pond Farm near t he Russian River in Guerneville Ca. ( 1965,1966 and 1970) . He then worked with the famous artist at Raul Cornel of Stoneware Designs until he finally started his own pottery business in 1970 and has been in business since then .

David's passion for his pottery is seen in all his pieces with simple yet elegant shapes  and designs complement each pieces that are all made free hand . David's work uses high fire using both  Gas Kiln and Electric Kiln that accomadete up to 5 feet size pottery.  

He has several awards including the  2013 and 2014 Beverly  Hills Art Show - Ceramics and  National Arts Program   at UMDNJ in 2012  and other best in shows in  Texas. 

He  makes functional, utilitarian pieces from tortilla dish , bowls, cups and dinnerware sets. They are all safe  to use  even in the microwave and dishwasher.